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Tshirt Games for Athletes (model IV)

Tshirt Games for Athletes (model IV)

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Looking for a t-shirt that will allow you to give it your all in your Crossfit/CrossTraining workouts? We have the perfect garment for you!

*CUSTOMIZATION. To make the garment something unique that is able to reflect your passion for the sport, you have the option to customize completely free of charge the following elements, which will be printed on the t-shirt:

- Country of your choice (or whatever you want to put instead!).
- Your name
- Your bib number
- Training center

*MATERIALS. You will be able to choose between two types of fabrics that will ensure that you can train in total comfort

- 100% cotton: soft and breathable
- Technical sports fabric: elastic and sweat resistant.


- Cotton t-shirts have the option to select whether it is for men or women.
- T-shirts made of technical sports fabric are perfectly adapted to both genders, so they are unisex cut.


[i] It is recommended to wash inside out at not too high temperature to ensure the durability of the print.
[ii] In case of choosing the T-shirt made of technical fabric, it is likely to require ironing to remove print wrinkles. In this case it is recommended that you do not rest the iron directly on the print by placing, for example, a towel between the iron and the fabric.


Because this is an individual and customized item for each customer, delivery will take approximately 15 days from order processing.


Do you have your own design? Feel free to contact us so that our design team can adapt your sketch or reference image and make you a customized proposal.

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